Prof. (Dr.) Mohammad Masood Ahmed

Ph.D. in Management

Visiting Professor in more than 300 Educational Institutions, has been associated with a Management School as a Principal, for a period of 23 years; renowned public speaker on unconventional topics

Prof. Mohommad Masood is a Professor of healthcare management. He is the Former President of Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS) and was Principal of Deccan School of Management for a period of 23 years. He is also National Council Member, Indian Society for Training & Development (ISTD) and Member Managing Committee, Association of Health & Hospital Administrators (AHHA).

He has visited more than 300 Educational Institutions in South Asia, USA and UK, viz., B-Schools, Universities, Engineering Colleges and Medical colleges. He is well-known for using poetry and citing appropriate anecdotes in his lectures.

In addition to his regular teaching, research and consultancy in management, Prof Mohd Masood Ahmed has established himself as a renowned public speaker on unconventional topics which are of interest and practical application to people from all walks of life and of all ages – including professionals like doctors, engineers, lawyers and public servants. He has not only delivered lectures in India but also in some foreign countries.

Prof. Mohommad Masood holds five post-graduate degrees, one each in Management, Commerce, Economics, Psychology and Management Research.