Nafisa Yeasmin

Nafisa is a young entrepreneur with a strong corporate background. She is the Founder, Director and CEO of Kiandas Business Academy and also Co- Founder and Executive Director (East) of Innovation Society (India). She has a M.Sc in Environmental Science and MBA in Marketing Management.

Her active involvement in Kiandas Business Academy and Innovation Society exposes her to the different corners of the modern society. Her role has provided her the opportunity to mingle with likeminded people and innovative organizations. With her background in industrial training and development support assignments, she is now joining forces with Roland Sullivan and Imon Ghosh in renewing Whole System Transformation in India.

Her experiences include working with various corporate in India, helping her be grounded in the dynamics of the Indian organization culture. She is well equipped and trained in group facilitation, training and development, innovative strategies and empowering organizations.

Her main focus now is mastering Whole System Transformation, which will give organizations’ a paradigm shift and sustainable transformation. She wishes to implement WST in India not only in the business world but also in the academe sector, non-government organisations, under privileged communities, women driven-organisations, cultural societies and faith based organisations.

Nafisa is a strong believer that India will rule the world economy by the of 2030. Hence, she is ready to be a change agent and  help speed up the realisation of a highly potential Indian economy.

Nafisa  is a positive hard-working high performing professional.