Mr. Tarun Kanti Roy

Specialized in Industrial Safety

A Chemical Engineer with experience as Sr. Consultant in Industrial Safety / Process Safety Management for about 25 years in his credit.

Mr. Tarun Kanti Roy is a Chemical Engineer and has experience as Senior Consultant in Industrial Safety/Process Safety Management for about 25 years in his credit. He was working with a natural gas based/Coal based Fertilizer Plant for about 28 years and he took retirement from IFFCO Aonla Project as Chief Manager (EHS) and started working as Senior Consultant (EHS-Fire) as when required with (a) M/S Rams Safety Consultant, Chennai (b) M/S International Risk Control Asia, Mumbai and (c) EQMS India Private Limited, Delhi.

He is specialized in EHS & conducts programme on:

(1) Safety & Fire Audit in Fertilizer industries consisting ammonia & urea plants with natural gas & naphtha systems , Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Industries, Metallurgical Industries, Natural gas based/ Coal based Power Plant Industries, Petroleum Oil Exploration and Processing Installation in India & Gulf area and other small industries.

(2) Conducting Hazop Studies at various industries consisting of LPG storages& Bottling plant, Naphtha storages, Thermax Boiler, Utility areas of Tata chemicals Fertilizer Plant, Tata Steel Coke Oven Batteries and other Chemical Industries.

(3) Preparation of Disaster Management Plan (On-sites/Off-sites) for various industries.

(4) Conducting Risk Analysis (QRA) at various industries with the help of PHAST-6.7 Software.

Mr. Tarun Kanti has obtained a post-graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety.