Dr. Sunil K Longani

Director-Mantrg Systems India. No.1 Trainer in Cultural Turnaround, performance Driven People Culture & HR OD Strategist

Nafisa is a simple an epitome of excellence and a true embodiment of professionalism and commitment. She has always kept her focus right as an individual and strives hard to maintain relations. It is her constant endeavor to provide people with honest feedback and link like minded individuals to achieve synergy.

She is highly intelligent, qualified and trained empowered leader who has dedicated herself in the service of the people development for helping corporate to build their business.
Her process of development starts from developing self and others. . Her strong entrepreneurial and transfer of learning skills are the great asset. Her fast learning ability with required flexibility and adaptability makes her suitable for the development of the people.

She has a rare ability to connect with a wide range people with equal ease , in an organisational context . This gives her an unique perspective and understanding . She has been a great coach and mentor to several youngsters in the organisation and have added considerable value to them over the years.

Mantrg has learnt few things from her too, and wish her her longest leaps of growth and excellence.

I wish her a very bright, fulfilling and satisfying future in her present role as CEO of KBA