Well known Mining Professional and Academician.

Prof. Dr. Subir Kumar Mukhopadhyay (Honorary)

Prof. (Dr) Subir Kumar Mukhopadhyay (Honorary ), is a Merit scholar & Gold Medalist (BHU) and a Distinguished Alumnus of lIT BHU. He had his M.Tech. (record marks holder till date) and Ph.D. from llT KGP, and FCC (Metalliferous-UR) from DGMS, (GoI). He is a Chartered Engineer (IEI), a Fellow of the IE (I) and has the professional memberships viz., MMGI, MEAI, MISTE (I). He is a highly acclaimed academician with an excellent blend of highly experienced, well-recognized professional in mining engineering. He had been a Professor and subsequently Visiting Professor (full-time) in the Dept. of Mining Engg, I.I.T. Kharagpur and was engaged in teaching, research and consultancy services for 33 yrs. He also has an industrial experience of 12 yrs. in coal (Turner Morrison Co.) and metal (Hindustan copper Ltd. (HCL)) mines and served as a Mining Executive & Mine Manager. For the last 2 yrs., he is engaged as consultant. He is also a freelancer and a powerful inspiring speaker and counsellor in the practicing professions and in academics. He has 21 awards and 102 research papers & other publications to his credit. He is a member of the Mining Geological and Metallurgical Institute of India (Estt 1906), in its current all-India Executive Council.