Dr. Nair

Ph.D. in Engineering Science

Having 30 years of extensive varied experience in HR, Learning and Development, Talent  Management, Engineering Operations through structured training & competency development interventions.

Dr. Nair possess more than 30 years of professional experience including from well reputed Global organizations, possessing expertise in Learning and Employee Development, Competency Assessment and Assurance Management System in Industry, Talent Management, Organization development, Career Developmental activities for Graduate engineers , fresh operations and engineering employees through structured training and competency development interventions. His extensive corporate and field experience in engineering, operations, projects, manufacturing, HSE, HR, L&D helps in identifying high potential employees within the industry then guiding them in right developmental activities to stream line the manpower and succession planning activities for overall organizational development. Dr. Nair has been involved in various career progression and skill development activities such as, learning infrastructure development, training and development process, policies and system development, nationalization development programmes, development of various learning and development curriculum in HSE, operations, engineering and maintenance, functional and domain competency based learning and development curriculum, development of various work based curriculum, learning and development techniques for senior and junior staff in petroleum /oil and gas and manufacturing environment, execution of Competence Assessment Assurance (CA&A) systems in the Industry, accreditation activities with international training and development bodies for learning and development audit and continuous Improvement activities.

Academically, Dr. Nair is a Doctoral degree holder (PhD), Electrical Engineer, Chartered Engineer, Fellow of Institution of Engineers, with additional International Qualifications in Learning and Competency. He is an Assessor and Verifier from Edexcel-UK- an International training awarding body and also possessing other post graduate qualifications including Human Resources Management.