Dr. Maneesh Dubey

Deputy Director at Sagar Group of Institutions (SIRT/SIRTS/SIRTE), Bhopal

Ms. Nafisa Yeasmin is a very sharp, intelligent and talented professional having versatile exposure. Nafisa plans, executes and analyzes the projects microscopically as well macroscopically with scientific temper. The inclusive, democratic approach and progressive thinking of Nafisa not only brings creativity and innovation in any project but also belongingness in her team members. Ms. Nafisa is a dynamic leader as she involves the whole team in accomplishing the projects. Nafisa is a very much focused professional who strongly believes that professionalism is not isolation from the society or human beings. Nafisa has firm commitment in the ethical values as it is evident from her affiliation towards community development programs. Nafisa does not reside in the ivory tower rather she is an activist for the betterment of the deprived ones/environment. I hope that Nafisa will prove the Benjamin Franklin words true: “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing,” by her contributory efforts. I wish all the best for her great endeavours with zeal and passion.